Convegni e Talk Show

Saturday 29 September 2018 - h. 17:00
Opening Conference "Menfi and its land"
edited by the Regional Council for Tourism and Culture 

Marilena Mauceri, Mayor 
Nadia Curreri, Councillor for Tourism and Culture 
Giuseppe Bursi, President of Cantine Settesoli 
Roberto Lagalla, Regional Councilor for Education and Vocational Training 
Salvatore Di Vitale, president of the court of Palermo 
Margherita Venezia, Office manager of MENFI's intercommunal agriculture office 
Diego Planeta, Farmer 

Roberta Urso, Public relations Cantine Settesoli
Giuseppe Pantano, Journalist

Sunday 30 September 2018 - h. 18:00
The lands of Menfi 
Ceremony of delivery of the land of the districts of Menfi at the City Hall. 

Marilena Mauceri, Mayor 
Sandro Pappalardo, Regional Councilor for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment 
On. Roberto Di Mauro, Vice Presidente Vicario Assemblea Regionale Siciliana 
Rodolfo Passaro, Gen. (R.I.S.)
Francesco Gagliano, Agareni Association Representative 

Sunday 30 September 2018 - h. 20:30
TALK SHOW - 2018, year of Italian food


T.E.R.R.A. Territory Enogastronomy Environmental Rural Resources in collaboration with the Free Rural University 

Marilena Mauceri, Mayor, Valentina Scollo Nutritionist, 
Giuseppe Bivona, President of the Free Rural University 
Giuseppe Mazzotta, Head of WWF Mediterranean area, 
Nino Sutera, Head of the experimental company Carboj field, 
Nicola Caldarone, Head of Cabinet Vicar of the regional Councillorship for agriculture. 

Moderator: Antonella Giovinco, Journalist.

Ceremony of delivery of the recognition of guardian of the territorial identity to the mayor of the city.